Flooding: The Impact on Debt Recovery

January and February aren’t renowned for being the kindest of months but the weather in 2014 has seen people all over the country suffer the effects of flooding.

Sustained and heavy rainfall has led to the ground becoming sodden and unable to absorb any more moisture leaving water gushing over the surface, cutting off roads and devastating homes and businesses.

No-one could possibly view the images of the floods without feeling sympathy for those affected.… Continue reading

Economic Uncertainty Causes Rise In Cost Reduction Services

The current economic climate has led to an increase in the number of companies outsourcing cost management to expense reduction analysts (such as NJ Grime who can be found here), reports suggest. As businesses find it more and more difficult to weather the economic storm, they are turning to external companies to help them manage their overheads and make savings without having to take the drastic measure of mass redundancies or total dissolution.

This… Continue reading


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