Professional Indemnity Insurance: A Beginner’s Guide (Part 1)

What is PII?

Professional Indemnity insurance (PII for short) is a specific type of financial protection for professionals or businesses. Where skills and advice are offered that can adversely affect the customer if they at some point result in financial loss, PII can provide cover for that loss. For example if an architect builds a bridge which then collapses because the architect did not consider something like vehicle weight, their plans directly contributed to the… Continue reading

How networking can improve your business

shareholders agreementNetworking in business is a socioeconomic activity through which like-minded business groups come up with and act upon business ideas. A network in business, therefore, is just a network like in social media which exists for business reasons only. In recent times, networking has become a very important tool in business since it opens new business opportunities. Below are some of the ways through which networking can help you grow your business.


This is… Continue reading

Ensuring Thermal Comfort For Your Workers

As an employer, the health and safety and welfare of your employees is your responsibility; The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 lay out requirements for various aspects of the workplace environment but one aspect that can be particularly difficult to control is the temperature. This can make a significant impact on your workers’ welfare and comfort, so here is a quick guide.

The regulations state that the temperature inside buildings should be “reasonable”;… Continue reading

What is the main benefit of bridging loans?

Very often more traditional finance facilities such as buy to let mortgages or commercial mortgages are not available options because they cannot be put in place quick enough. When funds are required quickly bridging loans are often the best option because they can be arranged in days. If finance can be arranged quickly customers can take advantage of this to pick up bargains when people take a reduced price in order to achieve a quick… Continue reading

Awareness Of Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases are a danger to many people across a wide range of industries and professions; with many people being at risk without knowing it. Sometimes it is a matter of bad luck should a disease or illness develop, but within certain sectors, you can be at greater risk of contracting an occupational disease.

Most people think that industrial diseases are linked to heavy industry and more manual jobs, but there are many more sectors… Continue reading

Judging a Book by its cover

We’re often taught not to judge a book by its cover, but frankly, unless you’ve heard of the title before, this is pretty much impossible.

Bright colors, daring design, intriguing images and a nice font are things I unfortunately have to admit to subscribing to.  In a world where you are constantly bombarded by images and branding speaks more than words, it’s important to stand out.

Image and self image are aspects of modern day… Continue reading

Agricultural Sector Defying Economic Production Trends

Figures released recently have shown that the agricultural equipment production sector has continued to show strong levels of growth despite recent economic trends. According to the figures, despite a market slow down in the west, production has been bolstered by emerging markets in Asia, and strong demand for new machinery and tractor parts in countries like China. The impact of both population and economic growth in these emerging economies has meant that there has been… Continue reading

Working with your Web Designer

In this day and age, every business needs a website. Without a website, a potential client will more than likely Google your business name only to be confronted with one of your rivals, and choose them, all because your business wasn’t on the web. Here are some quick tips for getting what you want and need out of your web designer.

Keep detail, detailed: Don’t be afraid to tell your website designer exactly what you… Continue reading

Selling on eBay, The do’s and don’ts of company registration.

Selling your unwanted clothes and household items has become easier than ever with the genius invention of the selling site eBay. With ‘Auction’ and ‘Buy it Now’ options, it has never been more accessible for buys and even more so, sellers.

If you decide to run your business through eBay then there are some things you must be aware of.  In most places in the world that eBay is widely used (so pretty much… Continue reading

Model your business on the Modular

Businesses are about losing the least money and making the most you can. Like the heart is the important function for the human, the headquarters is the most important function for a business. This is where all of your advertisement, financing and ideas come from and stem down to the rest of the company, so you have to make sure the spot is up to scratch.

The problem with renting a property to stem your… Continue reading


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